Your child will have a homework book. They are expected to keep it clean and tidy, and to write/complete tasks neatly. 

Library Books

On Mondays, Foundation Phase children will change their library book and therefore they must bring their book into school. They have a week to read the book. KS2 children also have the opportunity to use the library.


Years 1 and 2: Homework task is set on a Friday and collected on the following Tuesday.     No homework is given over holidays.

Years 3,4,5 and 6: Weekly homework set on Monday - one task is collected on Thursday, and there is a spelling and times-tables test on Friday. Usually the content of the homework is relevant to what is being learnt at school. No homework is given on weekends or during holidays in KS2.

Reading Books

Years 1 - 6 have reading practice books in their files. These are changed regularly, according to the child's pace. Although children have the opportunity at school to practice their reading daily, parents are encouraged to read the books with their child at home.


Welsh Homework Support Line

The Welsh Homework Support Line service for primary schools was launched by the Welsh Language Board in November 2005. The service, which is operated by Menter Môn as part of the Linkline to Welsh service, aims to offer support to parents and children who are receiving a Welsh-medium or bilingual education. The service provides:

  • Help with Welsh vocabulary or terms
  • Practical support on general matters to do with helping with homework through the medium of Welsh.

The service operates from Sunday to Friday, between 3pm and 9pm. It can be contacted by telephoning 0871 230 0029 or e-mailing post@gwaithcartref.com or post@homeworkinwelsh.com