Notice Board

Ysgol/School  -  11 Jan 2010
Bydd yr ysgol yn agor fory 14/01/10 ond mae rhai newidiadau i'r bysys. School will open tomorrow 14/01/10 but there are some changes to the buses. Llanfair bus will travel to Nantymedd, turn around and come back through Lampeter and up the main road. Cellan bus will travel to Llanfair, turn around and come back through Lampeter and up the main road. Llwynygroes bus will not be running but you are welcome to bring them in your own transport to school. Silian bus will only travel on the main road (bypassing Silian). Clwb Drama will start back next week. Swimming will start
School Closed/Ysgol ar gau  -  10 Jan 2010
Fydd Ysgol ar gau dydd Llun achos pibellau wedi byrstio. School will be closed again for Monday due to burst pipes.
School Closed/Ysgol ar gau  -  07 Jan 2010
Mae'r ysgol ar gau Dydd Gwener fydd yr ysgol yn dilyn yr un drefn ar ysgol uwchradd. Cadwch mewn cysylldiad a beth sydd yn digwydd fel yr ydym yn cael y gwybodaeth wrth dilyn y We. The school is closed on Friday. The school will be following the same system as the Comprehensive school. Please keep in touch with the website, which will be updated with further information as we have it.
School Closed/Ysgol ar gau  -  05 Jan 2010
Dydd Mercher 6ed o Ionawr fydd Ysgol y Dderi ar gau achos yr tywydd Wednesday 6th of January Ysgol y Dderi will be closed due to the weather
No school on Tuesday 5.1.2010  -  04 Jan 2010
There is no school on Tuesday the 5th of January 2010 due to bad weather and the fact that the buses will not be running. Updates will be on here for Wednesday.
Clywch Clywch 15:09:09  -  28 Sep 2009
I hope that you all had a nice holiday.
Clwb Mes Bach  -  03 Jul 2009
No Clwb on the 8th & 9th of July due to school trips. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Clywch Clywch 27/03/09  -  30 Mar 2009
An Important Letter Miss Lilian and myself had an important meeting with our finance advisor on Monday. We have to make cut backs! The county budget has been reduced and this has affected our formula funding.
Welcome  -  12 Jan 2009

A very happy and prosperous new year to you all.  I hope you had a great holiday.  I look forward to working in partnership with you during 2009.