The Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase extends to Year 1 and 2, therefore the existing learning areas have been developed to meet the needs of 5 to 7 year olds.

Areas of Learning within The Foundation Phase: -

  • Personal and Social Development , Well-Being and Cultural Diversity
  • Language, Literacy and Communication Skills/Welsh Language Development
  • Mathematical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development
  • Religious Education

The learning area within Year 1 and 2 facilitates a natural progression from the experiences we have gathered in the Nursery and Reception unit. Within this large, open plan area there are a number of smaller zones, which consist of two large classrooms for speaking and listening activities, and a multi-sensory dark room.                                                                


We enjoy completing our weekly challenges in these areas, as well as investigating and experimenting, reading and reflecting. We also have a computer suite for completing various activities using the internet, CD ROMs and various learning programmes.

The Music and Art and Crafts corners are used to develop our creative skills by working individually, within a group or a paired situation. In the experimenting and investigating corner, we have the opportunity to use microscopes and observe a variety of objects.             


We have numerous interesting areas devoted to reading such as reading on the camel, in the bath or under the reading tree. We see the outside area as an integral and continual part of the classroom environment. It is used to promote curiosity and to give direct experiences in a fun and exciting way, whilst promoting safety at all times. The aim of these areas is to enable us to interact with our friends and peers as well as with adults alike. We receive unique experiences within the Seven Areas of Learning and Religious Education.

Within years 1 and 2 there are two teachers and six assistants. They work as a team to fulfill our needs and assess us daily in order to plan the next stage of our development.

Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity Outcomes

The emphasis on communication skills is an integral part of our daily activities. We take part in weekly circle time sessions that promote our ability to express ourselves and also teach us to listen to others.

Language, Literacy and Communication Skills

During the week we take part in activities and experiences that challenge our speaking and listening skills to their maximum capability. We celebrate festivals from around the world like Diwali. We have won the international schools award 9 years running. We have the opportunity to question, think and respond to different situations and make decisions through using different media. We have ample opportunities to enjoy reading a variety of books. We have the opportunity to play and experiment with language, starting with creating words and sentences.

Mathematical Development

We start each mathematical session with mental maths activities so that we gain confidence with number work. We will investigate many different aspects of mathematics and apply them to every day situations. We are challenged to complete activities individually, as a pair and within a group. By following our own intertests we fulfill our own curiosities and the will to learn.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

We are given opportunities to investigate the world around us. We are introduced to history, people and places, the work that people do and living things. We learn to express our ideas, participate in practical activities and the importance of recording our findings.

Physical Development

We are given the chance to develop our physical skills on a daily basis, which includes developing our fine motor-skills e.g. using a scissors and holding a pencil. We enjoy physical activities as they promote awareness of the space around us, balance, control and coordination.                                            


Creative Development

In the Art, Music and Performing areas, we have the opportunity to develop our creativity and our imagination. We design and create different pieces of work using a variety of resources e.g. paint, pastels, chalk and many other materials. We respond to a variety of musical sources , which inspire us to sing, compose and perform with different instruments.

Religious Education

While we celebrate our Welsh identity, culture and religion, we also understand the importance of respecting and learning about other cultures. Twice a week we come together as a school and celebrate a Christian assembly.