The Junior Department

Years 3 and 4 are situated in separate home bases within the junior wing. Year 5 and 6 are situated within the new extension.

There is a purpose built room for project and art and craft work. The four classes are of mixed ability.


We are taught by a team of teachers who are responsible for different areas of the national curriculum. This ensures continuity and effective use of our teachers’ expertise, strengths and interests.

Aims and Objectives of the Curriculum

Our Teachers Vision: -

  • to create a happy community school for us, the children of different localities.
  • to introduce the four elements of learning, knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes are introduced to us to enable us to achieve the highest possible level of attainment.
  • to provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced, ensuring continuity and progression.
  • to ensure equal opportunity for all to take part in every aspect of school work and life. Our teachers believe that each child is an individual and that it is their responsibility to identify and develop individual potential through providing equal access to all subjects.
  • children with disabilities are not treated less favourably than other pupils. We celebrate the fact that our school is all inclusive.
  • a positive attitude is fostered towards life and work as they try to meet and encourage the social needs of all of us.
  • Ysgol y Dderi is a school that adopts the ACTS (Activated Children’s Thinking Skills).
  • Lessons are designed within the curriculum to broaden our thinking skills.
  • We are given opportunities to work as individuals, groups or as a whole class.


In the process of accomplishing the requirements of the National Curriculum the teachers do the following:-

  • develop language in all its forms so that it is a meaningful way of communicating, whether orally or in writing. 
  • convey mathematical knowledge and concepts purposefully to enable us to understand the subject and its relevance to life.
  • teach science in an interesting way to demonstrate the wonder and complexity of human beings and the world in which we live.
  • give us hands on experience of designing and creating practical and interesting solutions within all aspects of the world of technology.
  • introduce history and geography in the most appropriate way to meet our needs.
  • develop self expression through music, mime, drama, art, craft and physical education.
  • convey basic moral values to us and create within us an understanding of the needs of others.
  • provide the latest technological equipment to give us experience in its use and an understanding of its potential.